Today is the beginning of Advent. What will your advent look like? Busy? Long to do lists? A whirlwind of activity? Will you have time to stop? Will you have space to be?

Advent is a time of waiting. A time of anticipation. A time of expectation. We need space to wait. To anticipate. To expect. We need time to be with the very One who made Advent possible.

Advent prepares our hearts to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The One who came quietly and yet dramatically changed history once and for all. The One who humbly had the biggest impact on humanity. The One who perfectly fulfilled His Father’s plan for His life.

What an honour and privilege to celebrate this extraordinary life. A life provided so that we can receive provision. A life freely given so that we can freely receive.

Just whispering the name of Jesus releases healing, freedom, change, hope, and peace. The beautiful name of Jesus with all its many meanings carries power and provision for all we need.

Why? Because Jesus is God made flesh. Jesus said, those who had seen Him, had seen the Father. Jesus made God accessible to us.

As we eagerly anticipate Christmas and all it means to us, let us take time and create space to rest in all that Jesus is. The truth of Jesus is enough will become a treasure we carry. The reality of Jesus is enough will carry us through Advent and into another year.

“Yes, let us know (recognise, be acquainted with, and understand) Him; let us be zealous to know the Lord [to appreciate, give heed to, and cherish Him]. … He will come to us as the heavy rain, as the latter rain that waters the earth.”
Hosea 6:3

Father, thank you for Jesus and all that He is. Open my eyes so that I can see you. Open my ears so that I can hear you. Open my heart so that I can know you more. Lord, in all my doing, I take time to stop. To be still. To be present in your presence. To recognise you. To listen to you. To appreciate you. To cherish you. Amen.

During the Advent season I will be sending out some thoughts on the various names of Jesus. I pray they will whet your appetite for more of Him in your life. Jesus truly is enough.