Unsung Heroes

Have you noticed how it doesn’t take long before we can be influenced and completely overrun by the culture around us unless we consciously take a stand.

The celebrity culture, the culture of the Big, the Bold, and the Beautiful receives our songs, our recognition, our devotion. If we’re not careful, it can send us on a chase. A chase after the “perfect”, hoping for purpose, significance, and acceptance.

Little do we realise, that in all our chasing, we can miss the beautiful miracle right at hand. The miracle that actually provides purpose, significance, and acceptance.

The miracle that:

God knows us. God chose us. God loves us. God’s hand of blessing is on us. (Psalm 139)

God has placed us where we are for such a time as this to make a difference.

God isn’t looking for “perfect people”. He is looking for  “yielded hearts”.

The “perfect” make an impression. The “yielded” make a difference.

Like Isaiah, can we say “Here I am …” (Isaiah 6)?

It’s in the yielding, the “here I am”, that we find the “Perfect One”. The One who gives purpose and significance. The One who accepts.

The “Perfect One” sees you right where you are. Right now.

He sees your faithfulness to that marriage, that friendship, that working relationship, which hasn’t come easily. He sees the cries you’ve consoled, the messes you have cleaned up, the way you have made a little stretch a long way. He sees the brows you have wiped, the faces you have stroked, the gift of love and grace undeserved and yet given, that helping hand extended. He sees the nights you lay awake wondering, praying, hoping.

He sees your tears and collects them in a bottle (Psalm 56:8).

Tears of hurt and disappointment. Tears of confusion. Tears shed for those suffering, suffering for their faith, suffering injustice. Tears flowing for justice, for mercy, for grace, for forgiveness, for reconciliation, for healing.

He sees the times you’ve chosen to give thanks when you haven’t felt like it, and the times you haven’t. He sees the times you’ve chosen to believe what is true when you haven’t felt like it, and the times you haven’t. He sees the times you have resisted temptation and the times you have given in. He sees the steps you have taken forward and those taken backwards.

He sees your persistence in the midst of the hard. And He loves you.

He sees you. He is with you right now and He whispers, I am

Yahweh! The Lord! The God of compassion and mercy!
I am slow to anger and filled with unfailing love and faithfulness.”
(Exodus 34:6)

When we stop chasing what we think is “perfect” and we yield to the “Perfect One”, we experience an even greater miracle. The miracle of grace.

Enough grace for every situation. Enough grace for every moment.

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.
(2 Corinthians 12:9)

Yielding to the “Perfect One” allows His “perfect” to become our “perfect”.  Instead of striving for the “perfect”, we find the “perfect” in yielding to the “Perfect One” who provides grace to keep on keeping on when there is no song, no recognition, no devotion.

We suddenly realise that the blessing isn’t found in the song, the recognition, the devotion. The blessing is found in the miracle of grace.

Be encouraged, you unsung hero. God’s grace is enough for you today.


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  1. God has proven to me that His plan and purpose are perfect, although heart breaking and filled with many tears. He picks me up into His embrace, I am His daughter, He will never me. The peace and comfort that gives me helps me to keep on. I feel His heart beating and never want to leave that embrace.

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