PaigeHi! Thanks for stopping by. I am Paige Squirrell and I love the fact that we can connect here and play a part in championing one another.

Grace notes, small, seemingly insignificant notes add beauty and embellishment to a piece of music. Without them the music sounds fine, but with them the piece comes alive. Gracenotes from Heaven was born out of a desire to whet our appetites for the little touches of God’s unearned and undeserved favour, which so often go unnoticed and yet they embellish and enhance our lives to such an extent that we come alive. Fully alive.

My journey with Father God has been a “head to heart” one. It’s easy to know and believe truth but to live it requires grace, God’s enabling power. This grace has pushed me deeper and deeper into the Father’s love and has enabled me to walk in greater freedom and liberty. I am learning to enjoy the process as His amazing grace and infinite love continue to woo me into a place of rest. ┬áBy becoming more intentional in looking for His gracenotes I am able to embrace the beauty, the harmony, and the wholeness He wants to bring to my life. My prayer is that you will be encouraged to do the same. More than anything, Father God wants relationship. He wants to enhance our lives with His gracenotes so that we in turn can enhance the lives of those around us and He wants to do it in relationship. Our longing for beauty and wholeness in the midst of a broken and messy world can be satisfied by His grace. Join me on this journey. Together we can lean into His grace, draw close to His heart, and find the full life He intended us to live.

img_1376I am married to Jonathan and together we lead a small, growing church in rural England. We have four beautiful children and our family is growing as one by one they are getting married. Life is full, busy, fun, challenging, demanding, and at times messy. In it all we are so grateful for God’s grace and faithfulness which have carried us through 27 years of learning and growing as a couple and family.

God is good,


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  1. Wow well done Paige this is fantastic – what an inspiration
    All love and blessings
    Penny M xx

  2. Thank you, Penny. You’re such an encouragement. God is good!!
    Love and blessings back.

  3. Paige you continue to be an inspiration to me all these years on! I have been truly blessed to have you in my life and look forward to reading each day what God puts on your heart!!
    Be blessed!
    Sarah P xxxxx

  4. Thank you, Sarah. You are kind. May God continue to bless you in all that you are and do.
    Be encouraged!!
    Lots of love,

  5. Eileen and David

    May 22, 2013 at 7:13 pm Reply

    Hi Paige – Grace notes written from your heart. May the Lord bless you in this wonderful ministry. From Eileen xx

  6. Thank you, Eileen. I would value your prayers…
    Lots of love,

  7. This is amazing!

  8. Thank you. I have been really blessed from your grace notes. And I also see the fruits in your daughters life as working alongside her in the ministry..God bless your heart and family.
    Blessings, Alu

  9. The Lord has given you such a wonderful gift in being able to write so beautifully. Grace Notes are an inspiration. May He bless you and your family beyond measure.

  10. Hi! Paige!

    Your Mom posted your blog about growing roots, and it really ministered to my heart. I have just subscribed to your “grace notes from heaven” via e-mail and “liked” your blog site on Facebook.

    My husband Rich and I were blessed to spend time with your family when we lived in Germany.

    With love,

    • Hi Betty,
      Lovely to hear from you. I do remember you. You both inspired me a lot when I was growing up in Germany. The years have gone by and now we have four children – two of which are married and another one is getting married on Saturday. Trust you’re keeping well.
      Bless you.
      Love and peace to you all

  11. Dear Paige, This front devotion was very uplifting. You express things as from your real life grid. I like it. Steve (my husband) wants to do something like this and he wants if easily accessed on mobile phones. Most of our African family uses and communicates on their cell phones. Steve believes if they can access something on their phones they will utilize it greatly. He wants to bless and input the grace of God through His Word, Love, Truth, Life, and Way. Well that was in my own words, Steve could explain what his hopes, in the Lord, are more accurately. His heart to yours, not through the grid of my heart which is not him. Love you <3

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